Die Blogosphäre über Kate Middleton

Ist Ihre Hoheit Catherine Elizabeth, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus schwanger? Man weiss es nicht. Kursieren Oben-Ohne-Fotos im Internet? Richtig. Hier sind die fünf besten Artikel über Kate Middleton aus der Blogosphäre.

  1. Nick Stern – Why the Media are wrong to print the pictures of Kate topless but right to print the pictures of Harry naked.
  2. Hamburger Abendblatt – Das nackte Königshaus: Oben-Ohne Bilder von Kate veröffentlicht
  3. The Sarcastic Cynic™ – Kate Middleton Topless? Prince Harry Bottomless? Who Cares?
  4. HollywoodLife.com – Kate Middleton Finally Pregnant, Says New Report
  5. LooMee TV – Kate Middleton nackt! Nach Prinz Harry – Neuer Skandal im Königshaus?

3 responses to “Die Blogosphäre über Kate Middleton”

  1. Der erste Blogger hat sowas von recht.

  2. Don’t believe the lies that this woman is of the Middle Class. She’s coencnted to the dreaded Catholic, Percy family headed by Ralph Percy. One of the very families behind the attempted destruction of the Houses of Parliament with Guy Fawkes which was organised by the Jesuits. In fact the Percy family love to remember this event as evident from some of their meetings of late. The Percy’s control the U.K. with their masters at 114 Mount Street, Westminster along with St John’s Wood.

  3. It is extremely tltaesess. She was essentially a child when the media began to hound her, and now, when she’s been gone for years, she is pasted on a magazine cover. Low blow.